Henry "Hank" Grayle is a character from Carrie.

He was the principal of Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.


Carrie (novel)

In the novel, Principal Grayle works alongside with Vice Principal Morton and Miss Desjardin.

He supports Miss Desjardin´s and Morton´s decision to punish the girls. He also takes a successful stand against Mr. Hargensen, when he tries to bully him into reinstating Chris by showing his legal expertise to him. He is worried about the coming prom because of Chris. He later survives the prom disaster, but is shocked to the core because of the events and later resigns due to the guilt of not being able to get through to Carrie, for not having stopped the bullying in time, implying he knew about what was going on, but acted only too little regarding it and too late and for not having protected the Prom as he should have despite of the fact that he knew something could happen at it.

Carrie (1976 film)

In the original film adaption, Principal Grayle is replaced with Mr. Morton (who was originally the assistant principal in the novel).

He co-works with Miss Collins and later comes to defend Carrie from the mean girls. He is killed during Carrie's rampage, when she sprays water on the microphone he and Mr. Fromm are speaking on, electrocuting them both.

Carrie (2002 film)

Mr. Morton's role is similar to his 1976 counterpart, but expanded.

He appears as a simple pushover but proves to be able to stand his ground when confronted with challenges.He did not cave in to John Hargensen's demands promising that should he launch a civil suit against the school, Mr. Morton would countersue Chris on behalf of Carrie White and the 19 other students she had subjected to bullying and harassment.

During the prom massacre, he tried to administer first aid on Tommy along with Helen. He was ultimately killed through electrocution while trying to calm the panicking crows after the microphone made contact with the flooded floor.

After Mr. Morton's death, Miss Desjarden was left to take charge and took control of the situation, but she only managed to save half a dozen students, including Norma Watson.

Carrie (2013 film)

As in all movies, he is replaced by assistant Principal Morton. His role is much or less the same as the previous adaptations, but he also has a tendency of a hands off approach.

Like his 2002 counterpart, he stands by Miss Desjardin after John Hargensen's threaten to Sue the school agreeing that if Chris could submit her mobile phone thus proving she did not load recording of the shower incident on Youtube, her prom privileges would be restored. Since Chris was guilty, she couldn't comply which forced Mr Hargensen to drop the case.

He didn´t do anything to stop the crowd from verbally humiliating Carrie after the evil prank. When Carrie snaps, he, like his 2002 counterpart, tries to calm the crowd down, but is pushed by the stampeding revelers. It can be presumed that Mr. Morton was killed after Carrie electrocuted the wet gym floor as he was not present along with Miss Desjardin and the other survivors, who got out.