Henry Dean is Eddie Dean 's older brother. Their mother assigned Henry to be Eddie's guardian after the death of their sister, Gloria. Henry was a bully, often picking on girls and people smaller than himself. He is often referred to as "the great sage and eminent junkie."

The Drawing of the Three

Henry and Eddie smoked cigarettes and marijuana when they were young. He was injured in the Vietnam War and the army gave him painkillers. He returned from the war with an addiction to narcotics. He began snorting heroin and eventually started injecting it as well. He died of an overdose administered by Enrico Balazar 's henchman, George Biondi.

Henry had a complex relationship with his brother. He was very jealous of Eddie because Eddie was much more talented than him. At the same time, Henry had a great deal of respect for Eddie. He claimed that the only person he would want backing him up in a difficult situation was Eddie.

Eddie has a deep attachment to Henry, which only seems to increase after Henry's death.


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