Heather Shyres
Name: Heather Shyres
Role: Bully
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Face smashed against a window.
Portrayed by: Samantha Weinstein

Heather Shyres is a character in "Carrie (2013 film)". She is portrayed by Samantha Weinstein.

2013 Remake

Heather is a member of The Ultras and a tormentor of Carrie.

She is the equivalent of Helen Shyres. She participates in tormenting Carrie in the shower scene. When Christine asks Heather to join her in ditching detention, she acts sheepish and looks down with her cap covering her face. She also asks Sue if she is okay when Sue begins to run off the stage, hinting Sue's pregnancy. Heather gets ready for prom with the Wilson twins, Nicki and Lizzy and Tina Blake.

During the prom, Sue comes in and asks Heather if she saw Christine and Heather responds by saying that she doesn't know what she's talking about. During the prom prank, Heather quickly bursts into laughter, but when Carrie begins making the pig blood float, she notices, grabs her date and attempts to leave.

When Carrie unleashes her Dark Phoenix-like power on everyone, knocking them down, Heather is running close to the door but Carrie notices and throws her across the room and into the window of a fire door like a rag doll, smashing her face into it, which Sue witnesses.


Heather about to get slammed into the doors

Heather's body (along with everyone else) is presumably burned into skeletons as the building falls apart and burns to the ground.



  • Although Heather is mainly an equivalence to Helen, her portrayal Samantha Weinstein confirmed that she was a hybrid of a few characters from the book and the 1976 film. Helen Shyres and Norma Watson.
  • She also confirmed that Heather had no official last name but Shyres is used.
  • It is never clearly stated that Heather was not a part of the prank. Fans however have pointed out a few things:
    • During the scene when Sue gets sick she notices the twins and Tina in a room on Tina's laptop, presumably looking at the shower video. It seems if Heather was apart of it she would be there too.
    • When The Ultras are shown getting ready Heather says she knows Christine isn't going to be at the prom because she's suspended. However, Tina sneaks her in as part of the plan.
    • Heather really doesn't know. Because Sue asks her where Christine is and Heather says she's not there.
    • It is also not ruled out either, because she really enjoyed the mean prank and she therefore may have lied to Sue to give the Ultras the opportunity to do what they did, which means she may later have joined the Ultras in their plan and may have had the job to make sure that Sue would not get in the way of the prank.
    • It is confirmed, that she was in. She was also collecting the ballots though her face could not be seen.