Gretta Bowie was a classmate of Ben Hanscom at Derry's Elementary School and a minor character in the horror novel, It.

Along with her friend Sally Mueller, she was raised from one of Derry's wealthiest neighborhoods (West Broadway). As a child, Eddie Kaspbrak developed an intense and deep crush on her (although he never confronted and expressed his intimate feelings towards Gretta). She drew on Eddie Kaspbrak's cast and wrote "Loser" then put a 'V' on the 'S' making it spell "Lover". Later on during the novel, she briefly appears as one of It's apparition (depicted as a rotting corpse infested with insects), taunting a fully-grown adult Eddie at the Tracker Brother's baseball field.

In the 2017 film adaptation, her name is changed to Gretta Keene and is made the daughter of Eddie's pharmacist, Mr. Keene. She is the one who tells Eddie that he is taking placebos before writing on his cast, and she and her friends torment Beverly Marsh, by calling her a "piece of shit", and a "slut".

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