Grand Isle was the mission codename for the Air Force missile strike against the Dome that appeared around Chester's Mill, Maine. The operation was carried out by Major Gene Ray, piloting a B-52 out of Carswell Air Force Base, circling over Burlington, Vermont.

Major Ray released the first Fasthawk missile at 1254:55. The missile launched at 3,500mph, then dropped at 1,850mph after authorizing final approach about thirty miles west of Conway, New Hampshire, fifty miles from its target. At that point, the missile locked onto Route 302 until it crossed from New Hampshire into Maine, where it locked onto Route 119, which it followed until locking onto Little Bitch Road and descending almost to ground level.

The missile struck the Dome about five feet from the ground, followed shortly by a second. Neither impact managed to damage the Dome, and most of the forest on the Tarker's Mill side of the barrier was incinerated on impact.


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