"Gramma" is the first segment of the eighteenth episode from the first season of the 1980's revival of The Twilight Zone, airing on CBS on 14 February 1986 along with "Personal Demons" and "Cold Reading."

The episode was written by Stephen King and Harlan Ellison, based on King's own short story.


George is a young boy left alone with his infirm grandmother, after his mother must tend to his brother, who apparently has broken his leg. The mother is concerned that George is still frightened of his grandmother, but he insists he's not. As soon as the mother leaves, George goes about dealing with the household chores he was asked to do and his school work. However, a dark storm seems to come on suddenly and a monstrous growl comes from the bedroom. It is apparently the grandmother asking George for her tea. After a frightening optical illusion, George hides, but then he realizes he needs to bring her the tea. As he walks down the hall to the grandmother's room, George hears his mother and other family members echoing in his head, discussing how dangerous she is now that she's senile. As he enters her room, he starts thinking about how awful it would be if she died while he was watching her. A gnarled hand reaches out and frightens George into dropping the tea and runs out.

After soul-searching for a while, George goes back in to clean up the broken tea cup and tea. He accidentally opens a panel in the floor from which he hears screams and red light and smoke. He thinks it's Hell. George then finds his grandmother's books and runs out with them. George, in the kitchen, looks over his grandmother's books. They appear to be books of the dead and others that he can't read. He draws the conclusion that his grandmother wrote some of the books and apparently she is a witch. George re-enters his grandmother's room and tries to rouse her. He thinks she must be dead. He then runs to the phone to call the hospital. He then goes over in his head about covering her face, talking to the doctor and going back in the room even though he doesn't want to. As he does, however, a gnarled hand reaches out and grabs him. He sees a strange red eye open and look at him. She apparently magically draws him to her and she embraces him, telling him he is her favorite and he seems to disappear.

The mother returns, noticing the books on the table and George was at the table. He claims that the grandmother died and he didn't know what to do. His mother goes to comfort George, and while she does, George looks toward the camera and opens his eyes... eyes that are red, like Gramma's.