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Gordon LaChance is a 12 year old bookish, quiet and shy kid. Gordon LaChance was the best of Chris Chambers, who was stabbed fatally at a fast food restaurant and died seconds later. After the death of his brave and amazing brother, Dennis LaChance, his parents haven't been able to put the peices back together again, and Gordie did not spend a lot of time at home. One summer day on Labor Day Weekend, one of the boys in his gang, Vern Tessio, runs to the club house they built to tell them about a dead body that he overheard his older brother, Charlie Tessio, talking to his friend, Billy. At first they were mocking Vern because he was the ignored part of the gang, but when Vern breaks the news, "You guys want to go see a dead body?", everybody stops, especially Gordie. Gordon felt his father hated him because after his older brother's death, he hasn't been paying attention to Gordie, or ever, only once and for eating bleach under the sink. Gordie finds a lot about himself and his potential as Chris Chambers, guides him and tells him the great things about himself, along the way he discovers truth, and death is real. A few years later, Gordie became a famous writer, and recalled this story after the death of Chris.

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