{{Template:Infobox Stand By Me Character |image = Gordie LaChance |character name = Gordie |known aliases = Gordie
Big Shot Writer
Denny's Younger Brother
Odd as a Cod LaChance |location = Castle Rock, Oregon (Up to finishing Junior High Education) Romantic Interest: unknown |first appearance = The Body (novel)
Stand By Me (1986 film) |portrayed by = Wil Wheaton (as a child)
Richard Dreyfuss (as an adult) |year of birth = 1946 Age 12

Gordie LaChance is one of the four boys from the short story The Body and the film based on it, Stand By Me. He tells the story about his childhood journey of finding a body of a missing boy with his three friends near the town of Castle Rock in Oregon 1959 over Labor Day weekend.


Gordie LaChance is a very insecure boy. His parents don't seem to like him because they once wanted only one child. He has no one, except his friends Teddy, Vern, and most of all his closest best friend Christopher Chambers. Chris is the only one he can depend on. All four of them go on an adventure to find a dead body. Gordie is a writer as an adult. He hangs out with bad boys. He smokes cigs with his buds and they like it best after dinner they say its when it tastes the best.