George Elmer "Georgie" Denbrough was the younger brother of Bill Denbrough, and the posthumous brother-in-law of Audra Phillips.He has brown eyes brown hair and wheres a yellow raincoat


One stormy day, Georgie was bugging his older brother Bill. Bill made Georgie a newspaper boat, but could not go outside with him as he was bedridden due to a spell of influenza. As Georgie was about to go out for the boat's maiden voyage, Bill uncharacteristically told Georgie to not go far and to be careful. Georgie assured Bill that he wouldn't.

Sailing his little paper boat across the water flowing along the sidewalk, Georgie was enjoying himself when the boat happened to land right into the sewer. Suddenly, Pennywise happened to pop up right in front of him to save his boat and then tried to make small talk with Georgie while he was in the sewer. At first, Georgie didn't speak and Pennywise asked him if he wanted a balloon with a wide grin. In response, Georgie told Pennywise that he wasn't supposed to take things from strangers since his father said so, and Pennywise sarcastically commented on his father's wisdom. The clown then introduced himself as Pennywise the Dancing Clown and then told Georgie what his name was. Since they had introduced themselves, Pennywise declared that they were no longer strangers. Feeling like Pennywise had him on the ropes, a smiling Georgie was about to turn and leave, telling Pennywise that he had to go. Before he could, Pennywise stopped him by showing him his boat, which made Georgie become overjoyed to see it again. Pennywise beckoned Georgie to take his boat, with promises of cotton candy, rides, and balloons of all colors. When Georgie asked if they float, Pennywise responded to the affirmative. However, when Georgie reached down to take his boat, Pennywise told him that when he was in the sewers with him, he would float, too. Suddenly, Pennywise took the boat away from Georgie and grabbed him by the arm, making Georgie scream in terror. It transformed into Georgie's worst nightmare and ripped off Georgie's left arm. It left him to bleed horribly to death. Georgie was only heard by a nearby gardener and actually seen by the same gardener to witness Georgie dead by the sewer.


George's death is the first in the fall of 1957 and it is what drives Bill to defeat It. Although in 1958, It threatens to appear to Bill as George, It never does so until 1985 (excluding Its appearance before Richie and Bill in Georgie's room; when it springs from the canal in a photo wearing Georgie's face), in the sewers. When Bill sees It as George, he works through his grief and overcomes Its ruse. In the film, It does take on the appearance of George in both timeframes, with the 1958 scene being when the Losers Club formed a circle, and George was the form chosen to try to break Bill's hold. In 1985, It is more subtle, appearing at a quieter point when the Losers are trying to find the lair. After finding and following Georgie's boat, George appears blaming Bill for sending him outside and causing the boat to go down the drain. Bill is aghast until Beverly firmly says that is not George.



  • Georgie is described as innocent and curious. He loves to play, especially with Bill. Bill loved George dearly and always treated him passionately and with respect.
  • Georgie's death is referenced in Stephen King's 2011 novel 11/22/63, when Jake Epping visits Derry and a bartender in a hotel tells him about some recent child murders that have taken place, rumored to be committed by a man who dresses as a clown. The bartender tells Jake that Georgie's body was found in the sewer drain.
  • In the TV miniseries, Pennywise grabs Georgie's right arm instead of his left.

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