"Do they float?"
―Georgie to Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
"Bill, if you'll come with me, you'll float too."
―Georgie to Bill in It: Chapter One (2017 film).

George Elmer "Georgie" Denbrough was the younger brother of Bill Denbrough and the posthumous brother-in-law of Audra Phillips.


IT - Georgie's death scene ( 2017 vs 1990 )

IT - Georgie's death scene ( 2017 vs 1990 )

On a stormy day, Georgie asks his older brother (Bill Denbrough) to make him a paper boat. Bill agrees, and makes the S.S Georgie. As Georgie was about to go out for the boat's maiden voyage, Bill uncharacteristically told Georgie to not go far and to be careful. Georgie assured Bill that he would be.

Georgie, initially enjoying himself, let the boat sail down the street in the rain. Eventually it slips into the sewer, upsetting Georgie. Seemingly out of nowhere, Pennywise pops up in the sewer, trying to chat with Georgie. At first, Georgie hesitates in talking to the clown, and refuses his boat when offered (as his father had told him not to take things from strangers). The clown introduces himself as "Pennywise The Dancing Clown", claiming that they were no longer strangers. Feeling like Pennywise had him on the ropes, a smiling Georgie was about to turn and leave, and told Pennywise that he had to go. Before he could, Pennywise stopped him by showing him his boat, which made Georgie become overjoyed to see it again. Pennywise beckoned Georgie to take his boat, with promises of cotton candy, rides, and balloons of all colors. When Georgie asked if they float, Pennywise responded to the affirmative. However, when Georgie reached down to take his boat, Pennywise told him that when he was in the sewers with him, he would float, too. Suddenly, Pennywise took the boat away from Georgie, grabbed him by the arm, and made him scream in terror. It transformed into Georgie's worst nightmare, ripped his left arm off, and left him to bleed horribly to death. Georgie was only heard by a nearby man named Dave Gardener and actually seen by the same man to witness him dead by the sewer.

In the 2017 film, Georgie was still alive after had Pennywise bitten his arm off and was crawling away when he was pulled by him into the sewers so that he could finish him off, and ate alive with him screaming Bill's name as he was being dragged. Additionally rather than being Dave Gardener, the sole witness of Georgie's fate (including before getting attacked) is an unnamed woman and her pet cat, the former apparently horrified by these events.


George's death was the first in the fall of 1957 and it was what drove Bill to defeat It. Although in 1958, It threatened to appear to Bill as George, It never did so until 1985 (excluding Its appearance before Richie and Bill in Georgie's room; when It sprung from the canal in a photo wearing Georgie's face), in the sewers. When Bill saw It as George, he worked through his grief and overcame Its ruse. In the film, It did take on the appearance of George in both timeframes, with the 1958 scene being when the Loser's Club formed a circle, and George was the form that was chosen to try to break Bill's hold. In 1985, It was more subtle and appeared at a quieter point when the Losers tried to find It's lair. After finding and following Georgie's boat, George appeared, blamed Bill for sending him outside, and caused his boat to go down the drain. Bill was aghast until Beverly firmly said that was not George.


In the 1990 miniseries, Georgie and Pennywise hold a fairly normal and relaxed conversation. However, Pennywise's eagerness betrayed him, as he spoke in an eerily aroused tone, especially with his they float speech.

Georgie's death was different in the new adaptation (here, occurring in October of 1988). This time around, Pennywise's yellow eyes become blue, an aspect the movie echoed from the novel that the miniseries ignored.  While uneasy at first, Georgie was amused at Pennywise’s excuse for being in the sewer and shared a laugh with Pennywise over their mutual love of popcorn. Though Pennywise salted the meat by pausing and drooling, as making Georgie feel uncomfortable would make him taste better. After losing his arm, instead of being left to bleed to death, Pennywise drags him into the storm drain to kill and eat him. Additionally, Georgie being dragged into the storm drain (including before losing his arm) is witnessed by an unnamed older woman and her pet cat rather than Dave Gardener. In addition, It appears as Georgie before Bill in a different manner to both the novel and the 1990 miniseries. It lures Bill into the basement of his house using a vision of Georgie, and once Bill finds 'Georgie' in the basement, It slowly changes the vision of 'Georgie', turning him into a rotten corpse as it repeats "You'll float too!" before dragging 'Georgie' into the water and launching itself at Bill. Later on, when the Losers go into the sewers for their final confrontation with It, It again assumes the form of Georgie, this time appearing dirtied and missing his arm, pleading with Bill to take him home to be with his family. Bill sees through this and shoots 'Georgie' in the head with Mike's bolt gun, forcing It to revert to its Pennywise form.


Georgie is first shown in Bill's room as Bill is making a boat for him. Georgie asks if Bill wants to come. Bill says that he can't because he is "Dying". Bill asks Georgie to go to the basement to get the wax so it can "Float". Georgie goes to the basement and gets the wax. He then runs already because of a noise he heard. Bill then put the wax on the boat. Bill gives the boat to Georgie and says "She is already Captain". Georgie then asked why Bill called the boat "She". Bill then answers that you "Always call a boat she". Georgie then called the boat "She" and gave bill a final hug. Georgie then says goodbye to Bill and says he will see him later. When Georgie got outside he waved to Bill and Bill told him on the Walkie Talkie to "Be Careful". Little did either of them know that this would be the last time they would see each other.

Georgie sails the boat down the street and enjoys himself. He then runs into a caution boarder. The boat keeps sailing and heads for a drain. Georgie then runs after the boat to save it. He then shouts "NO" as he runs to the boat. He barely misses the boat. He looks into the sewer and says that Bill is going to kill him. Pennywise pops up and scares him. They then have a conversation and at first, Georgie is hesitant but then gets comfortable talking to him until he drools and makes him uncomfortable. He then states that he has to go. Pennywise then holds the boat up to Georgie and says take it. Georgie reaches and Pennywise grows razor sharp teeth and bites his arm off. Georgie then screams and tries to crawl away. But Pennywise drags Georgie into the sewer as he calls Bill's name.

Georgie was seen a few more times such as when Pennywise used him to draw Bill to his basement. He appears as a normal person but then turns into a rotting corpse repeating "You'll float too" and then Pennywise shoves Georgie into the water and runs at Bill and misses. Then Pennywise appeared to Bill as Georgie but as a dusted up missing arm person but Bill knows it is not Georgie and shoots him. Then Pennywise revealed himself. After defeating It, Bill found Georgie's raincoat and cries as he accepted of his younger brother's death


"You're not dying."
―Georgie to Bill thinking he is going to die
"That's disgusting."
―Georgie to Bill after seeing vomit comes out from his nose
"Thanks, Billy."
―Georgie to Bill after making paper boat
"Bill's gonna kill me."
―Georgie after lose his boat in the sewer
"Um, Yes please."
―Georgie to IT as he want his boat back
"Three... but my brother is my bestest. "
―Georgie to IT about his friends and Bill
"In bed. Sick."
―Georgie to IT about Bill's being sick
"I'm not suppose to take stuff from strangers."
―Georgie to IT when he was offered by IT for a balloon


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  • Georgie was described as innocent and curious. He loved to play, especially with Bill. Bill loved George dearly and always treated him passionately and with respect.
  • Georgie's death was referenced in Stephen King's 2011 novel, 11/22/63, when Jake Epping visited Derry and a bartender in a hotel told him about some recent child murders that took place, which was rumored to be committed by a man who dressed as a clown. The bartender told Jake that Georgie's body was found in the sewer drain.
  • In the 1990 TV Miniseries, Pennywise grabbed Georgie's right arm instead of his left, the same happens in the 2017 Film.
  • Also in the 2017 film, Georgie's death is changed. As well as having his right arm bitten off, Georgie is trying to crawl away but he was dragged into the sewers and devoured by Pennywise, with an unnamed older woman and her cat being the sole witnesses of the horrific scene, including before Georgie lost his arm.
  • In a video on Youtube, Georgie can be seen watching IT (2017) rather comfortably.
  • His death in IT (2017) won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat's kill count.