George Bradley was a gang leader and a minor character in Stephen King's novel, It.

Together with his brother Al, he was the front-runner of the "Bradley Gang" (a group of bandits that robbed and murdered several store owners across Derry throughout the early 1900's). His wife, Kitty Donahue, would often accommodate both brothers on their pilfering sprees. In 1929, George and the rest of his acquaintances (including his brother and life partner) were brutally gunned down by several of Derry's citizens in an ambushed shooting. He was shot in the head at point blank from an armed shotgun.

Norbert Keene was one of the very few individuals around Derry who would know the true cause behind the Bradley Gang's demise. He recounted the dark tale to Mike Hanlon in 1985 during a brief interview.

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