Evil Gage

Gage Creed is a major character of Pet Sematary. He was Louis and Rachel Creed's 3-year old son. While playing with a kite Gage ran into the road where he was struck and killed by an Orinco tanker truck. Louis, devastated by his death, dug up his son's grave and took him to bury at the Micmac burial ground, in hopes of resurrecting him as he had previously done with the family cat. Gage returns from the dead corrupted by the Wendigo that had poisoned the earth of the burial ground. Now a murderous cannibal, Gage proceeds to kill his mother and his neighbor before being stopped by Louis with a lethal dose of morphine.


Before his death, Gage was a typical toddler who adored his older sister and seemed genuinely happy and loving. After his resurrection, and then possessed by the spirit of the Wendigo, Gage was a malicious, sadistic, killer. He spoke as an adult and had understanding of events that he would have no logical way of knowing.

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