Ev Hillman is a character in The Tommyknockers, is a resident of Haven, and is also grandfather to Hillman Brown and David Brown. Ev served in World War and received steel plates in his head for an injury. These steel plates allowed him to be immune to the telepathy of the Haven residents participating in "the becoming".

Ev stayed with Hilly in the hospital after the incident at the magic show and was hellbent on finding David. Ev had an idea where he might be and went to Haven to find him with the help of Butch "Monster" Dugan. Ev and Butch were both captured by the residents and Ev's fate was unknown until Jim Gardener opened the shed and found Ev, along with Anne Anderson and Peter, floating in a shower stall filled with green liquid. Ev was able to help Gardener use the technology in the shed to find and save David. He would later die when the shower stall collapsed due to the fire.

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