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Estelle Stella Horan, along with her mother, was a former neighbour of Carrie White.


She wears bright print shifts, and smoked amber sunglasses; her hair is described as black-streaked blonde.She drives a neat maroon Volkswagen Formula Vee with a smile decal on the gas cap with a green-flag ecology sticker on back window. She also has a son and daughter whom are certified members of Southern California Sun n' Fun Crowd. 

She lived in Chamberlain until she was twenty years old and was a neighbour of the Whites, when Carrie White was a child and, in an interview after the disaster, she told everything she knew. She especially remembers the day, when she met Carrie when she was a little girl. She was sunbathing and enjoying the sunny day, when she saw Carrie talking to her and how she wished to have breasts and how her mother told her, that they were dirty pillows meant only for bad girls. It was at this moment, when her mother came out and agressively pulled her inside. She remembers violence inside the house and how suddenly the stones came out of nowhere and damaged the house of the Whites. After the disaster she realised it must have been an act of Carrie to protect herself from her crazy mother and told the reporter that. 

Carrie remembered her, when she unknowingly telekinetically attacked the boy in the bicycle after the shower incident, when he insulted her, realising at once her ability on the way by remembering what happened during her childhood. 

1976 movie

In the 1976 movie she doesn´t appear in the movie, but she was in the script.

2002 movie

In the 2002 movie she was played by Michaela Mann.

She appears in a flashback during the movie. Like in the novel, Carrie remembers Stella after having met Tommy Erbter. She remembers, how she greeted her, when she was a child shorlty before she was entering her home. Stella treated her very kindly and with warmth. It was then, when Carrie´s mother entered the garden and aggressively took Carrie into her house for having talked to her. She heard, how Carrie cried inside the house and then she saw, how a table then came out of the house and how later meteorites fell into the house after that, too. She and her mother ran away together with the neighbours because of it.

It was implied, she would appear in the tv series, but the series didn´t happen because of the low ratings.

2013 movie

In the 2013 movie she appears in a deleted scene at the beginning of the movie, when Carrie sees her taking a sunbath while she was a child. She was portrayed by Michelle Nolden.

Like in the novel, Carrie´s mother went agressively to her daughter, when she talked to her and went into the house with her. She witnessed the rain of stones following after that together with her mother. She also appeared in another deleted scene testifying at the White Commission regarding this event during Carrie´ s childhood.