Eduard "Del" Delacroix was one of the main characters in the novel The Green Mile. Eduard Delacroix was a death-row inmate at Cold Mountain Penitentiary for murdering his family. After a lengthy trial he was sentenced to death by means of electrocution. However, though a murderer, while he served his final years in Cold Mountain, he became friends with some of the Prison Guards, including Paul Edgecomb. He even adopted a pet mouse named Mr. Jingles. Mr Jingles was one of the little things that kept Eduard happy. Unfortunately, he is loathed by Percy Wetmore, and goes through several confrontations with him. Percy broke his fingers, stepped on Mr. Jingles (Resurrected by John Coffey), and was called a gay slur. Eduard Delacroix's execution was on a stormy night, and it went horribly wrong. When the electrodes were strapped to his head, Percy was tasked with wetting the sponge to conduct electricity to his head, making for a quick death. However, Percy sabotoged the execution by not wetting the sponge, and putting it on the electrodes any way. Once Percy gave to order, Eduard started to scream and violently twist (which is not normal). A horrible scent swept through the execution chamber, as Paul, Percy, Brutus Howell, Harry, and the crowd watched in horror. Ed's body started to shoot out lightning, and then exploded, setting him and the chair on fire, causing the crowd to panic. Eduard Delacroix continued to twist violently, but soon he was finally dead, after a 2 minute long torture. Later John Coffey extracts a measure of revenge for Eduard and other victims when he uses Percy as an instrument of vengeance against "Wild Bill" Wharton.