Donna and Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau are two sisters, and students at Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.

They were among the students who tormented Carrie White. Their relation, if any, to Carter Thibodeau, is currently unknown.


Donna and Mary are sisters who tormented Carrie White and threw tampons at her when she got her period. They both attended the prom, only to meet their fate. When the blood is dropped on Carrie they burst out into laughter along with the rest of the students. They presumably were burnt or electrocuted to death.

1976 film


Cora Wilson

In the 1976 film adaption, they are renamed Rhonda and Cora Wilson.

Rhonda and Cora are a pair of sisters. They are friends of Chris Hargensen and bullies of Carrie. They participate in the shower scene and are in Miss Collins' detention.

During the prom, Cora is nominated prom queen and even helps count the ballots, but she loses to Carrie White. When the blood is poured on Carrie, we see Cora looking disgusted and when the mayhem begins, she helps a few others carry Tommy's body.


Rhonda Wilson

When Carrie shuts the doors after leaving, Rhonda and Cora burn up along with every other student inside. When the building eventually collapses they are presumably crushed.

2002 TV film





In the 2002 TV film, the twins name are kept and not changed. Donna and Mary are both apart of The Ultras led by Chris Hargensen, they are first seen yelling and chanting "period!" to Carrie White they both manage to get a detention from Miss Desjardin. They both attended the prom with Rachel Spies and Jessica Upshaw. When Carrie had the blood poured on her the twins are shocked but then burst out into laughter. They were presumably electrocuted at the prom.

2013 film


Nicki Watson

The twin sisters, Nicki and Lizzy Watson are the equivalences of the Thibodeau twins of the 2013 film. The Watson sisters are twin members of the Ultras. They are best friends with Tina Blake (who got renamed Norma Watson in the 1976 film and musical) and they are bullies of Carrie White. They take part in the shower prank and even help Tina replace the prom ballots with fake ones so Carrie gets dumped on with the pig's blood by Chris Hargensen.

Lizzy Watson

When Carrie begins killing the students who've done her wrong, she makes sure she gets the Wilson sisters. She spots them running together, holding onto each other and knocks them down. They attempt to get up but she uses her powers to slam them back down and hold them there. The panicking students running through them and all around them but are too afraid to notice them laying there.

Eventually the students begin trampling over them, their feet crushing into these twins' backs and eventually killing them. They lay there dead, holding hands.



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