...Derry City Limits

Derry is a town in Maine that has served as a nexus for paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical events.

The town is situated along Interstate 95, to the south of Dexter, the southwest of Old Town, and the west of Bangor and Haven in the southwestern corner of Penobscot County.


Thousands of years before any people settled in what would become Derry, It crashed into the land on a ball of fire from the void of the Macroverse. After thousands of years of slumbering, humans eventually settled into the land and established the town of Derry in the early 18th century. During this time, It finally awoke and began a cycle of feeding in which It would capture and devour the children, their fear providing It with the nourishment that It needs.

Town of Derry

Pennywise the Dancing Clown (IT) "welcomes" all to Derry, Maine.

After three years of feeding, It would return to sleep for a period of thirty years. As time went on, It gained a degree of control over the Derry, influencing the town's residents so that they interfered with It's feedings as little as possible, even being able to manipulate them into helping It, if needed. Although investigations were always made into these murders and kidnappings, Derry's authorities would either fail to turn up any leads, wrongfully accuse someone of committing these crimes, or find a convenient scapegoat (such as Henry Bowers) that fits the description. Once It returns to It's slumber and the murder and kidnappings stop, the memories of them seemed to gradually fade away. This cycle was ultimately put to a stop when in 1985, when the Loser's Club was apparently able to kill It while it was in physical form during the second Ritual of Chüd. After this, the town was seemingly free of It's control, albeit at a great cost, as much of the town was destroyed upon It's demise. However, there is evidence that It survived (see Tommyknockers and Dreamcatcher), or possibly members of its brood (see Under the Dome). Derry is the setting in the novel Insomnia.






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