He was a good-looking boy except for the rash of acne on his forehead. He had had a packsack the last time Garraty saw him, but he noticed that at some point Davidson had cast it away.



Davidson, dropped back with them. "That guy Zuck's really hurting," Davidson said.

"Still bleeding?" McVries asked.

"Like a stuck pig." Davidson shook his head. "It's funny the way things turn out, isn't it? You fall down any other time, you get a little scrape. He needs stitches." He pointed to the road. "Look at that."

Garraty looked and saw tiny dark spots on the drying hardtop. "Blood?"

"It ain't molasses," Davidson said grimly.

"Is he scared?" Olson asked in a dry voice.

"He says he doesn't give a damn," Davidson said. "But I'm scared." His eyes were wide and gray. "I'm scared for all of us."[1]


"Not actual quote"
—Peter to Ray[2][source]


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