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Danny Torrance

Daniel Anthony "Danny" Torrance is the son of Jack and Wendy Torrance, the older half-brother of Lucy Stone and the uncle of Abra Stone. He has the "shining", which allows him to detect spirits, thus making him a prime target of the Overlook Hotel. His ability also allows him to see past, present, and future events through his 'guide', Tony. Tony is, at first, a mere imaginary playmate. Tony then evolves into a source of fear, and finally a source of strength. Toward the end of the novel, Tony reveals himself to Danny: "'Danny ... you're in a place deep down in your own mind. The place where I am. I'm a part of you, Danny.'" More specifically, Tony is Danny from the future: "Tony was like looking into a magic mirror and seeing himself in ten years"; "Tony ... the Daniel Anthony Torrance that would someday be." Danny learns about his gift from the Overlook Hotel's cook Dick Hallorann, who also shares the gift.

Later as a adult, Danny (now Dan) works as an orderly at a hospice, who uses his abilities to help dying people find peace after they died, learns that his father had an affair with his teaching assistant, Sandy Reynolds and as a result has a half-sister named Lucy and a niece named Abra, who shares his abilities, but on a much more powerful level.



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