Running Man10
Damon Killian
was played by Richard Dawson.

He is the founder of The Running Man, the most popular show in the dystopian world of The Running Man. In this show prisoners, no matter if criminals or so called enemies of the state, have to fight the stalkers, aslo known as gladiators for three hours and, if they survive it, they will receive a pardon for their crimes against the state. It is all an immense fraud of the government and him to get rid of nuisances to the government not wanting to give them pardon, even if they survive on the way and in order to protect the satellite relais of the government hidden in the arena. Killian plays along, because all he cares about is money, power and an obsession of being the number 1 on TV, even if innocent people die on the way.

Through manipulaton, fraud and deceit he manages to bring Ben Richards to the show together with his friends and also brings Amber to the show, when he realises, that she knows too much. When the entire fraud is later exposed to the public by the Resistance and Ben Richards once they have the code of the relais, Ben executes Killian publicly by forcing him to play the game, too. The masses express their happiness, that he dies and make Ben Richards a national hero for doing that.

After that his show is closed.