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Kelly Overton as Cynthia Smith.

Character Biography

Desparation/The Regulators

In the Stephen King novel Desperation Cynthia is a survivor of an abusive relationship and a traveler. She spent some time at the Daughters and Sistersshelter. She is hitchhiking and picked up by Steve Ames. At the time she is wary, but for some reason decides that Steve is okay and stays with him even after they arrive at Desperation, Nevada and the situation turns decidedly horrific. Cynthia is intelligent, brave and resourceful. She stays with the task even though every nerve in her body is screaming to run.

In The Regulators, she works at a grocery store at the end of Poplar Street in Wenworth, Ohio. She is easily recognized by her tu-tone hair, which is half orange and half green. As in Desperation she and Steve end up together and both manage to survive the alternate reality encounter with Tak.


In the 2006 television adaptation of Desperation Cynthia is portrayed by Kelly Overton.


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