Cora and Rhonda Wilson are fraternal sisters who appeared in the movie Carrie. They are both portrayed by Cindy Daly and Deidre Berthong.

Cora Wilson

Cora first appears when Carrie received her period and she along with other Ultra's throw tampons at Carrie causing her to receive a detention from Miss Collins. She attended the prom, Cora was nominated prom queen but lost to Carrie. When the blood is dumped on Carrie she bursts out into laughter along with the other students. During the mayhem she is seen carrying Tommy Ross's body, she is then knocked along with Frieda, George, Rhonda, Miss Collins, Ernest and The Beak. She presumably burnt to death 

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Rhonda Wilson

Rhonda Wilson is sister of Cora and a member of the Ultras, she tormented Carrie White when she received her period and started chanting "Plug it up."

She attended the prom with Cora and her date. When Carrie is nominated prom queen, Rhonda is clapping and cheering for Carrie. When the blood is dumped on Carrie, she is shocked but bursts into laughter. During the mayhem, she is seen carrying Tommy Ross's body across the gym but she, Cora, Frieda, Ernest, Miss Collins, The Beak and George are all thrown out of view. Rhonda is then last seen running away from the flames towards Ruth Gogan.

She presumably burnt to death.

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