Cora and Rhonda Wilson are fraternal sisters who appeared in the movie Carrie. They are both portrayed by Cindy Daly and Deidre Berthong. Cora and Rhonda first appear when Carrie had received her period and started throwing tampons at her leading them to receive a detention from Miss Collins. They both attend the Prom where they both meet their ugly fate when Carrie had the pigs blood dumped on her causing them to join in the laughter and madness which leads them to die. They are both seen carrying Tommy's body across the gym causing them to be bumped off with other students causing them to be separated where presumably
Cora is electrocuted or trampled. Rhonda along with Alice, Ruth Gogan, Mary Lila Grace and Dale Norbert can be seen running across the gym with another student.

They were burned to death.

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They are based of Donna and Mary Thibodeau