Chinga was the name of a doll discovered by Rich Turner while lobstering in Maine that he gave to his daughter, Polly, as a gift. However, Chinga was empowered through witchcraft and became evil. Chinga overtook Polly and was used to enforce Polly's demands and short temper through fear and even death. Chinga killed by forcing people to commit suicide in particularly gruesome ways: she made Rich Turner impale himself on a fishing hook, Dave the Butcher stabbed himself through the eye, Jane Frölich slit her throat with a broken vinyl record, and nearly killed Melissa Turner by having her hit herself in the head repeatedly with a hammer. Chinga was burned in a microwave by FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, which appeared to destroy the doll and release Polly from its influence.

However, the burned remains were soon discovered by another unwary fisherman.


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