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of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice is a film sequel to the 1984 movie Children of the Corn. It was released on 29 January 1993 and it  was directed by David F. Pryce. The movie is followed by the sequel Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.


The movie is centered around the neighbouring town of Hemingford, which is near the town of Gatlin. The townspeople there take care of the children of the cult after what happened. Caught in the middle are reporter John Garret and his son Danny, who have a troubled relationship.

John is in town working on a story about the children and begins a relationship with bed and breakfast owner Angela. In the meantime Danny spends most of his time with a local orphan girl, Lacey. During his investigation John teams up with Frank Red Bear, a professor at a nearby University, to try and figure out what has happened. Their investigations discover that the residents of the town are planning to sell spoiled corn from the previous year's harvest along with the new crop. The spoiled corn has a toxin growing on it which they believe is the source of the children's delusions, which must also have happened to the children in Gaitlin, too. The town Sheriff then captures them, ties them up, and tries to kill them with a corn harvester, but they escape.

However, this town´s corruption, which was also present in Gaitlin and ignited the cult, makes the children, however, again susceptible to the satanic cult and under the leadership of Micah they begin the rampage again, nearly succeeding again on the way. They kill most of the townspeople, too until they are stopped.

After these events John and Danny reconcile. They, Lacey, and Angela burn Frank's body, who died at the hands of the children, too and also give him a funeral before they all drive off together away from Nebraska.



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