Incestuous characters are characters who are known to engage in the act of Incest - which is having a sexual relationship with immediate family (such as brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons).

These types of characters are especially repulsive to many in modern society due to the extreme taboo Incest continues to have - in media where there is more than one incestuous character, the Incestuous characters may even be shunned by other characters once they learn of the relationship (this is a case of "even evil has standards")

A very high percentage of Incestuous characters in fiction are seen as degenerated both physically and mentally, this has very loose basis in fact and is one of the reasons Incest is so reviled - this type of character was quite common in the Cannibal subgenre of Horror and Exploitation Films.

Another important thing to remember is that not all Incestuous relationships are willing, often Incestuous characters, mostly villains or antagonists sexually abuses a close relative - this kind of abuse is amongst the most hated and often turns a character in the direction of a Complete Monster.

The characters listed below are the perpetrators of such an act. This list does not include any non consenting children involved, i.e., Beverly Marsh.

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