The Castle County Sheriff is an elected position in Castle Rock, Maine featured in several of Stephen King's works. Most notably Cujo, Needful Things, and briefly in The Dead Zone. The holders of the office as outlined in the various texts are as follows:

???? - 1972 Carl M. Kelso*

Nov. 1972 - Jul. 1980 (his death) George Bannerman**

1980 - 1992(?) Alan Pangborn***

1992(?) - Present Norris Ridgewick^

    • Bannerman's start of term was mentioned in The Dead Zone and he was killed by the title character in Cujo.

^ Ridgewick was mentioned as being the Castle County Sheriff in Bag of Bones.

Note: In an unusual error for the author, in some copies of Different Seasons in the short story "The Body," George Bannerman is referred to as being sheriff in 1960. This appears to have been corrected in subsequent editions to Constable.

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