Judge Cary Rossington was one of Billy Halleck's close friend and a minor character in the novel, Thinner. He was the judge that was in charge of Halleck's vehicular manslaughter case after Billy accidentally ran over and killed an elder gypsy called Susanna Lemke. Being close and trustworthy acquaintances, Rossington carelessly disbanded all charges on Billy, not even bothering to suspend his license. Infuriated, Taduz Lemke (Susanna's father) cursed Rossington by having him to grow unusual scales and lumps over his body. The dreadful effects from the curse grew worse, as the scales continued to spread, making him resemble an alligator.

He finally took his own life by shooting himself. In the tv adaptation, Rossington drove into a gas truck, his wife mentioning "He always did want to be cremated".