Carrie Carver is the wife of Johnny Carver, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. On 24 October 2009, she and Leah Anderson visited the Food City following the riot there, and agreed with her husband that the remaining canned goods at Mill Gas & Grocery should be moved to their own house "for safe-keeping."

Later that night, she witnessed the firebombing of the Democrat's office, and overheard Junior Rennie yell "FREE DALE BARBARA OR THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! THERE ARE PLENTY OF US, AND WE'LL FIREBOOMB THE WHOLE DAMN TOWN! FREE DALE BARBARA OR PAY THE PRICE!" Unable to identify who threw the Molotov cocktails that started the fire, she later claimed that at least four people, and probably five, were involved, when, in fact, it had been only Rennie and Carter Thibodeau.


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