Roberta "Bobbi" Anderson (b. 1951) is an author of Wild West fiction; she lived in Cleaves Mills, Maine before moving to Haven in 1975. She owned a dog named Peter.

On 21 June 1988, she stumbled across the alien spacecraft buried in the forest outside of town.


In the miniseries

Tommyknockers clip 1
Anderson was portrayed by Marg Helgenberger in the 1993 miniseries. Like the character in the novel Bobbi is a writer of Westerns. She suffers from writer´s block and her boyfriend is Jim Gardner.

She is the first to find the alien ship and influenced by it. She even feels euphoria by it, but she still retains her will and rebels against them, when she realised, what they were doing with the help of her boyfriend, who helps her realise, what they were doing.


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