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Benjaman Mears
Date of Birth 1948
Family Miranda (Wife)
Actor David Soul (1979)
Rob Lowe (2004)

Benjamin "Ben" Mears is an author and one-time resident of Jerusalem's Lot, Maine. Seeking a break from his career after the death of his wife, Miranda, and a current case of writer's block, he returns to the Lot. He decides to write about the town's haunted, dilapidated house, at the same time developing a passionate romance with college graduate and town resident Susan Norton.

He soon finds himself caught up in the current invasion of the mysterious and powerful vampire Kurt Barlow, who seeks to turn the Lot's residents into more of his kind. When Susan is turned into a vampire, Ben is forced to stake her. Although the rest of Ben's subsequent 'resistance movement' is killed in the fight against Barlow, Ben and the other survivor, ten-year-old Mark Petrie, manage to escape after staking Barlow. After writing about their story, Ben and Mark return to the Lot to burn it down, hoping that the fire will drive out the vampires and leave them with no place to hide.

In Wolves of the Calla, Callahan reveals he was sent todash to Los Zapatos and saw Ben's funeral, dying in his fifties while Mark is a young adult man, hinting that they destroyed Salem's Lot like they intended, or at least killed many vampires.

One for the Road, though he's not directly mentioned, the fire is mentioned. According to Booth it lasted for three days. And it appeared he and Mark accomplished their goals. But only for a time, its never stated how many Ben and Mark killed. The disappearances occurred again and many who live near the "Lot" area, know to avoid it deathly. To the point that the characters Booth and his friend Tookey, have an unspoken knowledge that its bad to go to. This most likely meant that they only got as many as they could. Or Ben and Mark might have missed one or several; or one could have escaped and hidden from the hunters.

Its currently unknown if in between that story and the Wolves of the Calla, the two ever realized that some vampires survived and spread again or not.


Ben Mears was born in approximately 1948. He lived in Jerusalem's Lot for four years as a boy on Burns Road, now known as Harmony Hill. His father had died and his mother went through a nervous breakdown, so she sent him to live with his aunt, Cynthia Stowens, while she got her act back together. During the big fire, his aunt's house burned down. Though she wasn't insured, everything valued was loaded into her car and taken to safety. [1]A month after the big fire, in 1951, his aunt sent him back to Long Island. [2] His mother killed herself when he was fourteen. [3] After she died, he "knocked around.

In 1973, he and his wife Miranda were in a motorcycle accident. It had gone out of control and then there was the yellow moving van, growing and growing, his wife Miranda's scream.


The man who came back in with her was lanky and agile-looking, with finely drawn features and a thick, almost greasy shock of black hair that looked freshly washed despite its natural oiliness. He was dressed in a way that impressed Bill favorably: plain blue jeans, very new, and a white shirt rolled to the elbows.


  1. Conway's Daughter
  2. Air Dance (Out of Print)
  3. Billy Said Keep Going
  4. Untitled nonfiction book about the Marsten House (unpublished)


Mears was portrayed in the 1979 miniseries by David Soul.

Mears was later portrayed in the 2004 miniseries by Rob Lowe.



  1. 'Was she insured?' 'No, but the house was rented and we got just about everything valuable into the car, except for the TV. We tried to lift it and couldn't even budge it off the floor. It was a Video King with a seven-inch screen and a magnify?ing glass over the picture tube. Hell on the eyes. We only got one channel anyway - lots of country music, farm reports, and Kitty the Klown.'
  2. I lived with my Aunt Cindy. Cynthia Stowens. My dad died, see, and my mom went through a . . . well, kind of a nervous breakdown. So she farmed me out to Aunt Cindy while she got her act back together. Aunt Cindy put me on a bus back to Long Island and my mom just about a month after the big fire.' He looked at his face in the mirror behind the soda fountain. 'I cried on the bus going away from Mom, and I cried on the bus going away from Aunt Cindy and Jerusalem's Lot.'
  3. My mom and I knocked around some pretty hard places after I left Aunt Cindy. She killed herself when I was fourteen, but most of the magic dust had rubbed off me long before that.

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