Audrey Parker grew up in the foster care system with no real family.

Character Biography

She has no idea about her background and this has her searching for the answers to cases as to her own past. She is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 2010, she was dispatched to Haven, Maine to bring in an escaped convict only to find he was murdered. She soon discovers that things aren't as they seem and sticks around as she learns a woman passed through the area who looked a lot like her. This woman she recently learned was named 'Lucy' though not much more is known about her.

She has stated that she 'has a thing for the freaky'. This may imply she loves mysteries and believes in all things supernatural.

There is some supposition by fans that Audrey's character resembles Randall Flagg in that both seem to live overly long lives with multiple identities, but remember little to nothing about these past lives. Whereas Flagg represents the side of evil, Audrey's character is thought to be a counterbalance, representing the side of good.

Parker is portrayed by Emily Rose.


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