Atropos is one of the three "little bald doctors" that Ralph Roberts begins seeing in Derry, Maine.


Atropos is an agent of the Random and brings death to people without concern for their natural life expectancy.

Clotho and Lachesis, Atropos' fellow bald doctors, reveal that Atropos is serving as an agent of the Crimson King to bring about the death of everyone who attends Susan Day's speech through the person of Ed Deepneau.

Ralph and Lois venture into Atropos' lair in order to thwart his part of the Crimson King's plan. They are partially successful, but Atropos promises revenge. Ralph gives his life to save Helen's daughter, Natalie, from Atropos.

In Greek Mythology

Atropos is one of the Moirae or goddesses of fate and destiny. She cut the threads of people's lives, bringing about their deaths.


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