Arnette is a small town in east Texas, north of Houston.

The Stand

Arnette has the misfortune of being the last place that former soldier Charles Campion makes it to before dying from "Captain Trips", an extremely deadly superflu developed in an underground Army laboratory in the California desert. Upon locating Campion there, the U.S. Army moved in and quarantined the town, all the while claiming its personnel there were from the U.S. Health Service, responding to an outbreak of a "new strain of Anthrax".

The Army swiftly shut Arnette down, rounding up all of its residents. Those residents who were there when Campion arrived in town were taken to Vermont for study, where all of them died, save for Stuart Redman. The town of Arnette never recovered from these events, and was completely deserted just a few weeks later. As Stuart Redman remarked in the 1994 miniseries adaptation, "Arnette's been cancelled."