Arlette Christina James was the wife of Wilfred James, the mother of Henry James, and a resident of Hemingford Home, Nebraska.






"Me, of course. A boy of 14 needs to be with his mother."

"Your father’s infected you with his timidity. Worse, he’s infected you with his greed. The lawyer assures me the land is mine to do with as I wish, and I’m going to sell it. As for the two of you, you can sit here and smell roasting hogs together and cook your own meals and make your own beds. You, my son, can plow all the day and read his everlasting books all night. They’ve done him little good, but you may get on better. Who knows?"

"No need to be so prissy. I’ve seen you with Shannon Cotterie. Li’l baggage, but she’s got pretty hair and a nice little figger. If you’re not getting a touch of that, you’re a fool. Only you’d better be careful. Fourteen’s not too young to marry. Out here in the middle, fourteen’s not too young to marry your cousin."

"Hand on the plow all day, nose in a book all night. Except when he’s got something else in me."


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