Agatha Prenderghast is Norman Babcock's great grand aunt from his mother's side. Nicknamed Aggie, she was a young 11-year-old girl who was executed by hanging for accusations of being a witch. Agatha was in a world where she had no one but her mother to turn to. She was kidnapped in the woods by the villagers to be held on a trial where she was found guilty by the town judge and the villagers. It is unknown if her mother knew of her daughter being held in court, what more unknown if her mother knew of Agatha's death, since she is buried in an unmarked grave under an old tree, where Aggie states, during her resolution is the tree where her mother used to tell her happy stories when she was alive. Agatha is naturally a timid, sweet, and sensitive child who possess the ability to speak to the dead. Her town became afraid of her, thinking that Satan is in her body, suspecting a witch. Agatha is usually said to be playing in the woods, alone physically. There the people of Blithe Hollow fear the strange, understandable, and difference of other beings, including at this Pilgrim age, the supernatural. Aggie's trial and death was common in those days. After her death, she became a violent, indignant, and obstreperous girl with a temper tantrum. We can understand her pain and discrimination that she received from the villagers, thus throwing her into a revengeful monster, it is shown that she has cursed the judge and the accusers to die a horrible and never find peace. She is also shown to be destructive and dangerous, as she nearly destroyed modern day Blithe Hollow. Agatha is similar to Carrie White, Anna dressed in blood and Luwencianna from The Purest.

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