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20th Century Ghosts
is the first book published by Joe Hill, and was his first collection of short stories.

The book was published October of 2005, and collected 15 stories with an Introduction:

Included works

  1. "Best New Horror"
  2. "20th Century Ghost"
  3. "Pop Art"
  4. "You Will Hear the Locust Sing"
  5. "Abraham's Boys"
  6. "Better Than Home"
  7. "The Black Phone"
  8. "In the Rundown"
  9. "The Cape"
  10. "Last Breath"
  11. "Dead-Wood"
  12. "The Widow's Breakfast"
  13. "My Father's Mask"
  14. "Voluntary Committal"
  15. "Scheherazade's Typewriter"

Additional material

A U.S. print edition released in 2007 included the short story "Bobby Conroy Comes Back From The Dead," and a U.K. slipcased edition included the short story "Saved," a missing chapter of "the Black Phone," and a chapter of Story Notes.

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