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About Beverly...

Warning: Contains sexual content
Disclaimer: This is my opinion, and I am entitled to it. If anyone is offended by this, then I am sorry.

So, Beverly in both novel and film, is the abused one, right? Not just by her abusive father, but also by her (future husband as an adult) abusive husband. I am very surprised that none of the other members of the Losers Club is treated the same as Beverly. Hell, even her girl-bullies call her such things like 'hogsl*t', or 'f*ck you, b*tch!'. Amazing... This opinion centers around Beverly in IT 2017.

There was this scene where the Losers Club was tanning, with that radio playing. I'll explain it to you:

Bill, Ben, Mike, Stan, Eddie, and Richie were all staring at Beverly when they wore underpants. The boys were all silent, looking at Beverly. Now, unless this scene was attempting to promote pedophilia/teenage girl porn, I'll take this as understandable, because, well... boys are boys. <s>Good thing that they kept Beverly's breast bras...</s>

But another scene made me cringe; the scene where Beverly's father attempted to rape Beverly... WTF?! Srsly?! My god... Let me get this straight;

Alvin (Bev's dad) wanted to molest his own daughter for his gratitude. What, in any form, shape, or size, is Beverly's purpose in life other than being her father's personal 'lady', that being said? Oh, so is she a prostitute whose only purpose in life is to comfort her 'master'? That's like saying Alvin is raising Beverly for Bev---

Warning: Sexuality coming up

--- Beverly to be a HuCow. Imagine that. Jesus.

And, yes, what I want for Beverly is for her to lead a good life, in my opinion. Like I am constantly tired to see treated like sh*t by whoever she engages with (excluding Bill and Ben). She isn't some girl who gets to be sexually mishandled, but rather a free, brave, independent, and proud woman who deserves a loving husband and a great life!
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